Agata Grzebiela

– Master of Physical Education, Physiotherapist, Instructor, trainer, enthusiast, but first and foremost, an active mum of Leonardo and Dora. Agata was born in Warsaw, where she giave classes and provides training sessions to her clients. She is the only Comprehensive Teacher Basi Pilates School in Warsaw. She is the one of the four in Poland, who is Certified Instructor Exerstride Method Nordic Walking and soon she will finish her course of Classical Pilates in Sydney “Authentic Pilates School”.

Agata is the owner and founder of Star Studio Pilates and Medical Pilates in Warsaw. In 2018 Agata left Poland and went to Sydney, where she helps others.
At the end of 2019 she decided to go back to Europe. Now she lievs in Marinha Grande-Portugal, where she opended Clinical Pilates com Agata Correia.

After 1 year she moved back to Portugal- Marinha Grande.
For many years, she worked as a swimming instructor.

In the meantime, she became a fitness manager, and thus deepened her knowledge of both management and marketing.

Agata cooperated with Thera-Band, where she obtained the title of Master Trainer of the Thera-Band Academy. She is a former dancer, gymnast, lifeguard of WOPR [Volunteer Water Rescue Service] and a teacher. She has been a fitness instructor since she is 18 years old. Agata is a Master Instructor Pilates, as well as Master Instructor Mental Body and Stretching. Moreover, her field of expertise is Rehabilitation Pilates.

Physical fitness

is the first reguisite of happiness.

Each training session is tailored to the client’s needs, the physical and mental ones. I train with everyone according to his or her proficiency level.

Under her watchful eye pregnant women take care of their bodies and quickly get back in shape after giving birth. She works with the best physiotherapists in Warsaw, which is why her training is always customized to the client’s needs and a doctor’s instructions.

Agata is the author of Pilates Qi and Shakti Mat based on body working and observance of 5 transformations and meridian. Agata has created Interval Pilates to make your training more efficient, and, most of all, to strengthen your heart and stimulate your aerobic system.

She was first to conduct Functional Training based on Pilates in Warsaw. She is also the author of “An active mum with a pram” – a training session designed to exercise during pram walks.

My motto:

Agata constantly gains expertise in the most prestigious schools in Poland and abroad. She has participated in numerous courses, workshops and conventions in Poland, London, Lisbon, Hamburg, Munich and in Tenerife. She was trained by Michael King, Bogna Janik Forbes, and Rael Isacowitz at his Basi Pilates school.

Moreover, Agata had the honor to attend the workshops held by Malcom Muirhead (UK), Juan Castellano (Spain), Veronica Ponieman (Argentina), Yumi Lee (USA), Andrea Burhardt (Germany), Michael King (Spain), Eduard Botha, Sheri Long and Theo van der Riet and the list of amazing teachers grow up every year…


is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.

She constantly upskills to provide her clients with the best service. Her dream is to pass on the knowledge on how the human body should work to each person she trains with. Get to know your capabilities and see for yourself that the impossible becomes reality.

What Agata values most is technique, conscious exercising, but first of all, strong will and motivation to cooperate.



    • National Instructor’s Licence of Fitness, Swimming and Gymnastics (Poland),
    • Diploma of physiotherapy (Poland),
    • Diploma of physical education (Poland),
    • Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor – Pilates Michael King and Bogna Janik-Forbes,
    • Gymstick Muscle Instructor’s Certicicate nr 2255
    • Gymstick Personal Trainer Instructor’s Certificate nr 124
    • Trainer C Nordic Walking Thera-Band (licence to run courses),
    • Cupping Massage Therapist’s Certificate
    • Personal Trainer
    • Stretching Master Trainer
    • Staby Master Trainer
    • Io-ball Master Trainer
    • Comprehensive Teacher Basi School


  • plus many many other diplomas

If you want to experience Agata’s knowledge, passion and a kind approach to her clients, do not hesitate to come to Star Studio Pilates in Northen Beaches, where she gives the following classes: pilates, stretching, pilates for pregnant women, functional training and breathing exercises.